Why Buy Carb Nite?

We always want what we cannot have, more so when it comes in the form of a juicy mozzarella pizza or an extra crunchy chocolate chip cookie! Once you get your hands on one, let’s just say your natural instinct will not let you stop at one! This is the exact reason why so many people fail at their diets – the restrictions! Finally, John Kiefer, developer of the Carb Nite Solution reveals in his book the golden solution: going on an ultra low-carb (ULC) diet for a week, before engaging in Carb Nite – a night of carbohydrates indulgence (not only permitted, but encouraged!) to help you stick to your diet, without having to suffer through those restless cravings!

What is in the book?

Can you imagine incorporating a carb-rich treats night into your diet? Will it work? Absolutely! We have been taught to opt for foods low on the Glycemic Index (GI). The Carb Nite Solution explains how a low-GI diet fails by gradually slowing metabolism and causing an increase in body fat storage, owing to low insulin levels.
Citing thousands of research papers and references, the Carb Nite Solution explains how High-Glycemic Carbs intake triggers the necessary insulin spike required for the body to burn fat. During the spike, the body stops burning fat. However, Kiefer reveals that “the resulting hormonal afterglow accelerates body-fat burning for days.”
Indulging in carbs once a week goes beyond yummy pleasures – the entailing freedom is a powerful psychological tool which encourages the body to adhere to its diet and say, “Hang in there! Carb Nite is on its way!” Moreover, unlike having cheat days (and feeling lousy afterwards), Carb Nite is necessary to drive metabolism and regulate hormones!


Think about all those low-fat, low-GI diets and hours spent at the gym. Don’t put them to waste! Optimize your efforts by going on the Carb Nite Solution. Say goodbye to guilty indulgence and say hello again to your renewed social life! Invited by friends to check out the new gourmet restaurant in town this weekend? No problem! Invited to feast at your nephew’s birthday party next weekend? No worries! The Carb Nite Solution is not just another cheat diet, but developed based on strict scientific studies and investigation on how the body burns fat. The book provides all the information you need to know, including why, when, and how to execute Carb Nite to achieve the ideal body you want!
A great read and a great complete diet program – Click HERE to buy the book today!